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  • Weight (excl. rotator/rototilt): 400kg
  • Width: 1340mm
  • Length:2126mm-2846mm
  • Height (excl. rotator/rototilt): 540mm
  • Standard: 4 sleepers
  • Max load: 1400kg

Our versatile lifting attachment will move sleepers in and out of a rail car safety and efficiently

The productive Sleeper Lifting Tool SLT400 can be fitted to a crane, railroad excavator or other suitable machine to load and unload sleepers quickly and carefully.

Capable of handling both concrete and wood, the SLT400 is easy to adjust and requires only 60mm of space outside the sleepers for grabbing, thanks to its static gripping claws and telescopic frame, which moves in and out.

Foldable side supports enable the operator to position the SLT400 swiftly and accurately for proper lifting. It can also be supplied with an optional safety lifting device to prevent the user dropping sleepers.