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  • Weight: 4800kg (10,582lb)
  • Length: 3870mm (152in)
  • Width: 2580mm (101in)
  • Max speed: 30km/h (19mph)
  • Rail type: 112-141lb rail
  • Rail wheels, std: UIC profile 350mm (13.78in)
  • Transport: Hydraulic brakes/4 wheels
  • Parking: Mechanically activated/2 wheels
  • Emergency: Mechanically activated/2 wheels

The High Output Clipper CD500 SLIII uses its PLC computer control system to provide an effective way to install Pandrol Safelok III clips.

It benefits from load sensitive hydraulics and an ergonomic operator station with rotatable seat for good all round vision. Standard features also include a built in tie lifting function, hydraulic manoeuvrable guiding rollers and hydrostatic four wheel drive.

Fitted with an emergency diesel engine and great lighting for working at night, the CD500 SLIII is equipped for any situation.

Optional Extras

Install an on/off tracking system with hydraulic legs to ‘walk’ the machine to and from the track quickly and easily. A rail lifting function can also be added, as well as a low tie indicator, storage boxes, extra fuel tank, anti vandalism protection and safety guards to protect operatives from the adjacent track when placing rollers for de-stressing.