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Balise Mounting System / Transponder Mounting System saves on manpower costs, eliminates the need for possession time and extends the life of sleepers.


  • Eliminates need for track possession: takes 2 minutes to install, 2 minutes to remove
  • Reduces manpower requirement
  • Requires minimal standard rail tools
  • Can be installed onto any combination of sleeper type and rail fastening
  • Use of existing rail fastenings removes the need to drill into concrete sleepers, or dig out ballast for the steel band fixing
  • Proven to be more resilient to sudden impact than bolted systems
  • Maintenance can be carried out in cold weather since there is no need for digging ballast and re-tamping
  • Highly resistant to climatic changes and chemicals giving it extended life in track: manufactured from a strong yet lightweight GRP material
  • Completely insulated and vibration resistant so suitable for the highest speed lines
  • Flame retardant for safe use underground
  • Reduces maintenance time: only requires a visual inspection to coincide with track maintenance

Fact file

  • Over 170,000 units in service worldwide
  • Zero failure rate (first installations 2001)
  • Used by ABB, Alstom, Ansaldo, Siemens, Bombardier, Thales