Sleeper layer SL800 HD

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  • Weight (including bracket/excluding bracket): 2410 kg/2060  kg
  • Length: 3005mm-5985mm
  • Width: 2578mm
  • Height: 1660mm
  • Network Rail product number.: 1035-0001

Designed for high output sleeper laying

Up to eight adjacent sleepers can be laid simultaneously from an accompanying supply. Lifted into position, their correct placement is ensured by a precision gauging system that spreads the sleepers to the desired distance.

  • The telescopic frame structure makes it small and safe to operate
  • No risk of pointing out on the adjacent track when grabbing sleepers from a rail car.
  • As an option, the unit can be equipped with a safety lifting device
  • To prevent the operator from dropping sleepers.
  • Easy adjustable, fit most type of sleepers.
  • The Sleeper Layer SL800 can be delivered with or without tilt
    rotating function.