CLIP DRIVER CD200 Electric



  • Power source: 400V, 16A, 45-60Hz
  • Length: 2100 mm
  • Height: 1050 mm
  • Width: 2180 mm
  • Capacity: (FASTCLIPS) Upp till 20 sleepers/min


The Clip Driver CD200 Electric is a walk-behind clipping machine which is electrically powered. The electric motor makes the CD200 machine very silent, which is a great benefit when working in highly populated areas. CD200 electric has zero emission which makes it perfect for tunnel work and other high demanding environments. Same as the petrol version, the CD200 can handle both Pandrol Fastclip, Pandrol FE and Pandrol e-clip, dependent on the work head chosen.

  • The CD200 Fastclip is used for the Pandrol Fastclip and the Fastclip FE. The machine has a built-in sleeper lift with lifting capacity of 50mm.
  • The CD200 eclip is used on Pandrol e-clip.
  • This user friendly product requires just one operator. It makes switching sides or working direction simple and is easy to carry on and off the track.
  • The patent pending Clip Driver CD200 has dual rail seats and an interchangeable work head, enabling other tools to be fitted.