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  • Weight:115kg, 5kg & 23kg, 23kg
  • Length: 420mm, 380mm & 560mm, 560mm
  • Width: 270mm, 170mm & 190mm, 230mm
  • Height: 350mm, 350mm & 370mm, 380mm
  • Engine max effect: 1.0 kW
  • Working force clipping tool: Standard 24.5kN, Heavy duty 32.0kN HD
  • Working force declipping tool:23kN
  • Capacity: Approx 10 sleepers/min
  • Network rail product acceptance no: pa05/03211
  • SNCF product acceptance no: 06044

This versatile hand held tool is perfect for clipping and declipping the Pandrol Fastclips

The ergonomically designed Handy Clipper is ideal for smaller clipping and declipping applications.

It has its own power supply and a weight bearing wheel that runs along the rail to prevent back injuries among operatives.

Designed with a quick connect interface, the patented Handy Clipper can be coupled quickly and easily to other tools and thanks to its geometry, the innovative product lifts sleepers up to 10mm if required.