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  • Weight: 1050kg (2315Ib)
  • Width: 2905mm (114.1in)
  • Length min: 1120mm (44.1in)
  • Length max: 2500mm (98.5in)
  • Height: 762 (30in)
  • Max distance between sleepers: 750mm (29.5in)
  • Item number: 5007750

Designed for high output sleeper laying

Correct placement of sleepers is ensured by a precision gauging hydraulic system that spreads the sleepers to the desired distance. Due to an unique linkage system the centre of gravity will not change whenspreading the sleepers.

Product Features

  • Telescopic frame structure makes it compact and easy to manoeuvre safely
  • Eliminates the risk of the unit hanging over adjacent track when grabbing sleepers from a rail cart
  • Prepared for both rotator and rototilt
  • Easy adjusted to fit most type of sleepers
  • Quick change gripping claws
  • 60 to 80 metres per hour (based on fully trained and skilled operator working under certain conditions)

Product Options

  • Safety device, eliminates risk of dropping sleepers
  • Can be fitted with a sleeper gathering device to facilitate sleeper grab