Road Rail Trailer

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  • Weight: 5360 kg
  • Inner length: 4,27 m
  • Inner width: 2,42 m
  • Inner height: 72,5 cm
  • Total length: 6,35 m
  • Max width: 2,55 m
  • Load capacity: 12 ton on rail wheels
  • Load capacity: 12 ton on rubber wheels, speed 25 km/h
  • Load capacity: 9 ton on rubber wheels, speed 40 km/h

The Road Rail Trailer RRT can empty the load in three directions.

Rosenqvist Rail is happy to introduce the Road Rail Trailer, RRT, which can be used both on the road and on the railway. The RRT trailer can load up to 12 tons and can empty the load onto both sides of the track and backwards onto the track. This makes it ideal for transport of material, such as ballast, from a depot out to track.

The trailer can easily been converted for tip to both right, left and backwards and the tipping angle can be adjusted to comply with the maximum height allowed for the particular work site. The trailer has been designed for easy connection to the carrier machine and it has its own control system with a remote control that makes it possible to manouvre all functions from the cab.

The hydraulic towbar can be adjusted up and down to make it easy to enter or exit the track. The road axles are fitted to a resilient bogie and have 4 drum brakes as well as a manual parking brake on one axle. The rail axles can be manouvred individually, have parking/emergency brakes and one axle is pivoting for best safety. The trailer is equipped with lighting for both road and rail transport and work lights are available as option.