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The most reliable and low cost method of checking rail is at the correct stress free temperature / neutral temperature.
The internationally accredited VERSE is a massive leap forward for reducing the risk of buckling and fracturing, achieving new track quality acceptance and planning cost-effective re-stressing programmes.


  • Rail remains intact: no rail cutting needed to carry out the stress free temperature test
  • Quick and easy: 20-30 minutes per measurement (depending on rail fastening)
  • Low cost: less than 5% of the cost of a traditional cut, measure and re-weld
  • Excellent accuracy: results allow the user to make maintenance decisions that reduce risk of rail buckling and fracturing.
  • Instant result: output immediately displayed on hand held computer
  • Exportable readings: files downloadable into databases like Excel and Access for integration with other track data
  • Portable: supplied in a convenient carry case – fits into a small van/estate car
  • Facilitates track handover: stress free temperature can be used for quality assurance
  • Cost-effective re-stressing programmes: allows you to predict where track is vulnerable to stress free temperature change and plan cost-effective programmes

Fact file

  • The only internationally accredited and accurate method of measuring stress free temperatures
  • Since 2002 it has registered over 200,000 readings; all of them accurate
  • Now in use in over 20 countries worldwide including USA, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, UK, China and Brazil