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  • Weight: 500kg (1102Ib)
  • Gauge, standard: 1435mm (56.5in)
  • Rail wheels: Run wheel 250mm (9.8in), traction wheel 350mm (13.8in), different gauge on request

The vastly improved operator safety and performance is achieved by the increased level of machine stability and traction. The Patent Pending mechanism enables the RRV to continuously self-adjust and distribute the working load across the 4 wheels.

The load-bearing axle limits the forces transmitted as work is carried out, for example by a mechanical grab. Extension and rotation of the grab pulls the RRV’s centre of gravity sharply to one side. This increases the risk of the least-loaded rail wheel lifting away from the rail and consequently posing a potential derailment.

The EQ Axle prevents this by bearing the load of the vehicle chassis through two joists, linked to an axle which supports a pair of rail wheels. The ‘floating’ axle is mounted within a cage, which limits the pivot travel during the transfer of load-forces as the RRV works at the line side.

Throughout the turning action, at least 20% of the Axle load is retained on the least-loaded rail wheel. When the cage stop position is reached there is 20% margin against RRV tipping. The EQ Axle offers a substantially greater degree of stability than the other stabilising wheel-set designs currently available.

Product Features

  • Unique Pat Pending design enables continuous, self-adjusting wheel-load distribution
  • Vastly reduces the risk of vehicle derailment
  • Designed and Constructed for easy maintenance
  • Modular build
  • Simple to adjust for different rail gauges
  • Improved working agility
  • Better traction
  • Improved operator experience and performance through reliable stability
  • Tested according to EN15746
  • 2 Wheel Drive (2WD)
  • 2 Wheel Braking
  • RRVs do not require extra hydraulics to accept the EQ Axle
  • Hy-Rail function operational from within the cabin
  • 2 gear/speed hydraulic function
  • The most advanced ‘Bolt-on’ Hy-rail attachment available

Product Options

  • 4 Wheel Drive (4WD)
  • 4 Wheel Braking
  • Special regional requirements accommodated
  • Kits that confirm to various regional and agency demands